3rd Work
水煙トリアージ // Spray Triage

A work produced by Yonago laughs hall recording and DTM, changing the recording environment up to the previous work. Compared to the previous work, the number of tracks that make up the song increases a little. One of the themes was to create a variation, which was shaped by all the members. At the end of the recording, the pitch of the stringed instrument creates a disturbing atmosphere. Then, study about tuning an instrument and buy a new one. Solve.
Release : July 22, 2015
Formats : Digital
Tracks : 1. 一から自由
2. 在るように
3. 岩窟の聖母
4. 心臓拾い
5. 薄紅色の変奏曲
   pt.1 深海のきまり
   pt.2 陶器の女
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2nd Work
両性フェルミオン // Amphoteric Fermion

A recorded work immediately after the music changed a little after the band's turning point. What came out at that time by the members in their early twenties became paradata, and it became two mixes. The "feeling" that all three songs have is the first stage of the work of bringing in ideas. I feel that Bartok's collection of music, which I read with a completely uncultivated mind, was a little trigger for the birth of this work. The CD-R, which was sold for ¥ 500 at that time, has been discontinued and is now only available for download.
Release : December 12, 2012
Formats : Digital / CD-R
Tracks : 1. 性別のほかに
2. 非行
3. 幻聴
Special : 2nd Work Special Site
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Live With Visual Lighting

1st Work
昇華プランクトン // Sublimation Plankton

The first recorded work recorded in the hall of Matsue canova using an antique hard disk MTR. Place the sound source against the hard wall of the live house, set the microphone, and play. Here we go! The songs that were recorded in several takes and probably landed through the MTR's built-in routing. One day I came up with the idea of recording and making a work. One day's worth of sound processing during recording. One day's worth of package making. That's it. At that time, the CD-R version was mass-produced using a home PC drive and printer. It was sold at a price of ¥ 300, but currently it is only available for download.
Release : December 11, 2010
Formats : Digital / CD-R
Tracks : 1. マトリョーシカ
2. ロザリー
3. 記憶の沈殿